Food for Thought

Many of us are old enough to remember the magnificent cinematic debut of the epic musical drama based on the story of the von Trapp family. While the film deviated in several ways from the true story of Georg and Maria von Trapp, the film was nonetheless inspired by real people and true historical events. In the film version of the musical, released in 1965, Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and seven children sing their way through love, war, growing up, and, of course, dreams of a joyful and peace-filled future life. The Sound of Music reverberates throughout their journey as an expression of character, solace, joy, creative expression, grief, love and so much more. For some of us, it was one of the most powerful musical experiences in our young lives, awakening us to the power of music.

Every decade of our lives has its soundtrack. The music we listen to, sing, and learn to play shapes the emotional tenor of our lives. Whether we grew up in a world filled with the sounds of gospel music, blues, jazz, classical music, country-western or rock-and-roll, the music and the messages folded into the melodies and song lyrics of each genre portray different images of the world and our place in it.

The number of musical genres available to us today seems virtually limitless. As we get older, we may allow music to slip into the background of our lives, coming to us in the form of television and movie soundtracks, subtly existing behind the action. Other women hum and sing as they move through the activities of their everyday lives and for others, music is a primary passion and important form of expression, central to their sense of the rhythm of life. Music can be a metaphor for our struggles and successes. Let us talk about the role of music in our individual lives.

Questions to Consider:
1) What types of music were you exposed to as a child? A teen? A young adult?
2) Was music part of the home you grew up in? Was it significant in your parents’ lives?
3) Did you ever play a musical instrument and, if so, which instruments did you play?
4) How have your musical tastes changed over the years? Has music become more, or less important to you as you have gotten older?
5) If there was a song, a genre of music, or a film soundtrack that would show us a glimpse of you or your life, what song or soundtrack would that be?

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