Spring is an incredible season of regeneration and renewal. Our mood lifts and the heaviness of winter begins to lighten. Our bodies and souls take a much-needed breath of fresh, warm air. Winter is a season of dormancy, a difficult but valuable time of inner reflection and soul hibernation. With the gradual emergence of green grass, buds on trees and the tentative peeking out of small green shoots hungry for sunshine, we too begin to peek out of our winter cocoons and sense a season of new possibilities.

We usually think of Spring in terms of the changes occurring in our external worlds, but we can also welcome the awakening of Spring within ourselves. As women getting older, we may not be in the Spring of our lives. We may view ourselves as living in the Fall or Winter of our lives, but Spring always lives within us and the change of seasons creates the opportunity for renewed joy and the excitement of new possibilities in our inner lives as well.

This renewal can take many forms. Our inner Spring may manifest reconnecting with friends and neighbors with whom our relationships have also been dormant through the winter months. We reconnect with nature—with our yards, our gardens, the mountains, forests and beaches, the birds and animals that inhabit our world and with the inner sense of awe we feel in the presence of the beauty of creation.

We can revitalize our relationship with our bodies, activities, projects set aside for the winter and our creative energies. Despite the limitations that inevitably accompany aging, there are still areas in which we can experience the renewal of hope and a sense of possibility.

Questions to Consider:
1) What do you find most exciting, rewarding and hopeful about the coming of Spring?
2) Are there particular elements in the outer world that signify Spring to you?
3) How do you welcome this change of seasons within yourself? What is your inner process of awakening and renewal and what forms does this awakening take?
4) How does the experience of aging affect your experience of Spring? Have you found ways to experience Spring within despite changes that challenge your traditional ways of relating to this season?
5) Share one or two ways in which you welcome the Spring both in the world and within yourself and the feelings and experiences this evokes in you.